AAN: スポーツ脳しんとう疑い・既往時はスポーツ参加禁止、復帰時は事前訓練された医師の許可必要


Position Statement On Sports Concussion
1. Any athlete who is suspected to have suffered a concussion should be removed from participation until he or she is evaluated by a physician with training in the evaluation and management of sports concussions

2. No athlete should be allowed to participate in sports if he or she is still experiencing symptoms from a concussion.

3. Following a concussion, a neurologist or physician with proper training should be consulted prior to clearing the athlete for return to participation.

4. A certified athletic trainer should be present at all sporting events, including practices, where athletes are at risk for concussion.

5. Education efforts should be maximized to improve the understanding of concussion by all athletes, parents, and coaches

AAN: Any Athlete Suspected of Having Concussion Should Be Removed from Play


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