COPD自己管理教育介入トライアル:BREATH 中止! 

BREATH (Bronchitis and Emphysema Advice and Training to Reduce Hospitalizations)治験中止らしい

介入は、”Behavioral: COPD Self-management Education”という、薬物でない、自己管理教育介入なので、中止になる理由が気になる。


The problems came to light when inquiries from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review prompted O'Leary to release the statement.

According to the newspaper, the VA had not even told some of the VA site investigators why the disease management intervention was being withdrawn and enrollment halted. It quoted one investigator as saying he had been told merely that there were "safety concerns" but was given no details.

O'Leary said in the statement that "it is common professional practice not to discuss the details and results of research studies prior to final publication."

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