Top 10 stories of 2006


Record-breaking laser is hot stuff
The record for the fastest rise in temperature has just been topped.
12 May 2006

Geometric whirlpools revealed
Recipe for making symmetrical holes in water is easy.
19 May 2006

Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye
Potential readers can make snap decisions in just 50 milliseconds.
13 January 2006

The fish that hunts on land
Catfish show how the first tetrapods might have caught dinner.
12 April 2006

Supercomputer builds a virus
Vast simulation captures molecules in motion.
14 March 2006

The fish that crawled out of the water
A newly found fossil links fish to land-lubbers.
5 April 2006

Desktop fusion is back on the table
Physicist claims to have definitive data, but can they be replicated?
10 January 2006

Lingerie makes hagglers happy-go-lucky
Sexy pictures and lacy underwear take men's minds off getting a good deal.
19 April 2006

Sharpest cut from nanotube sword
Carbon nanotech may have given swords of Damascus their edge.
15 November 2006

Polar core is hot stuff
There was once little difference between equatorial and arctic climates.
31 May 2006


'Vegetative' patient shows signs of conscious thought
Evidence of brain activity raises issues for neurologists.
13 September 2006

A comet's tale
Scientists are just beginning to examine the pieces of a comet brought back to Earth by NASA's Stardust mission. Mark Peplow tagged along to one lab to watch researchers examine their prize catch.
13 February 2006

Sociologist fools physics judges
But do social scientists understand science?
5 July 2006

My fish is smaller than yours
Contenders line up to net credit for smallest vertebrate.
31 January 2006

Popular physics myth is all at sea
Does the ghostly Casimir effect really cause ships to attract each other?
4 May 2006

Hawking rewrites history... backwards
To understand the Universe we must start from the here and now.
21 June 2006

Puzzle of leaping liquid solved
Physicists explain how shampoo streams can bounce.
6 April 2006

Blindfolded humans steered by remote control
Artificial electric currents guide walkers round obstacles.
7 August 2006

World's most infamous iceberg dies
Swell from Alaskan storm breaks up megaberg at opposite end of the globe.
3 October 2006

Bubble fusion: silencing the hype
Nature reveals serious doubts over claims for fusion in collapsing bubbles.
8 March 2006

Sociologist fools physics judges(pdf)・・・さっぱりわからん

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