“carotid bruit”(mayoclinic)
" bruit (bru-we) は、血管、おもに動脈の直上の聴診器で、異常で、時に、harshに聞こえる音で、心拍に同調する音で・・・、

Carotid bruits as a prognostic indicator of cardiovascular death and myocardial infarction: a meta-analysis
The Lancet 2008; 371:1587-1594

心筋梗塞の率:carotid bruit有vs無 3.69(95%CI 2.97-5.40)/100人年 vs 1.86(0.24-3.48)/100人年<2研究>

心血管死亡年率はbruit有vs無) (2·85 [2·16–3·54] / 100 人年 vs 1·11 [0·45–1·76] / 100 人年)<4研究>

4トライアルで、直接比較、心筋梗塞のオッズ比2·15 (1·67–2·78) 、心血管死亡オッズ比 2·27 (1·49–3·49)<4研究>


"Place the diaphragm gently over each carotid and listen for a soft, high pitched "shshing" sound. It's helpful if the patient can hold their breath as you listen so that you are not distracted by transmitted tracheal sounds"(A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine)

"Place the bell of the stethoscope over each carotid artery in turn. You may use the diaphragm if the patient's neck is highly contoured"(Online Physical Exam Teach)

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